Apr 14

Cat Training

Mostly people love to own cat as a pet. But cat training is such a difficult task and people adore cats but still they are reluctant to own cats as pets because they are unable to train them.

There is another benefit of cat training that it helps to maintain a better relationship between the owner and the pet.


There are certain things which should be kept in mind during the cat training. First of all keep this in mind that your training should enhance your relation with your cat but if your behavior is extremely restrictive then you’ll never be able to make your pet close to you. So try to make your relationship more friendly, happy and rewarding and this will really help your cat to learn more quickly. Cats always show litter box problems when they feel retarded. But if you play with your cat regularly and give attention to your pet then the litter box trouble will also vanish at once.

The most efficient and successful method for the cat training is through giving rewards to your pet. It’ll definitely help in learning quickly. Only you can judge your cat better than anyone. If you want to stop your cat from doing anything which you don’t like for example scratching the furniture, carpers or destroying the plants then try to find out thing which your cat hates. Try to make the furniture or the plants unattractive for you cat.

There is a very common thing from where you can start your cat training and that is to train your pet to react to its own name. This task can be easily accomplished by just calling you cat’s name repeatedly especially when you are playing with your cat, or when you are calling you pet for food. In a very little time your cat will start recognizing the name and start responding.

During cat training there are some frequent mistakes for example if the cat is jumping on a sofa or on the furniture, mostly people try to stop them with the help whistles, tickling sounds or by spraying water. For a while the cats gets frightened from these gestures of the owner but with time your pet will consider this a game. Anything which frightens or excites the cat can never be a solution of cat training. If you really want to stop your cat from climbing on sofa’s and other furniture then try to place something sticky on the furniture for example a sticky tape will also help a lot. This stickiness will create discomfort for your cat and then you pet will stop climbing on your furniture.

There are some areas in you house that can be irresistible for your cat like the garbage area. If you are worried about you cat always jumping in the garbage area then you should know a solution for this problem. There is a simple solution that place barriers in the areas where you don’t want you cat to go. For example if you cat is constantly jumping in your garbage area then buy a garbage tin which is much tight or can be covered. This will stop your cat to get attracted to the garbage.

Toilet training is a very difficult task in the entire training of the cat. Mostly the owners are worried about having a pet just because of the toilet training. Various litter boxes are available in the market but a number of people couldn’t successfully train their cats to use those litter boxes properly. Cats are very intelligent and only with proper guidance you can teach them anything you want. Cats even learn to use a normal bathroom flush. There are some tips which can help you out in the toilet training of your pet.


There is a whole process of toilet training of the pet. First of all you can start your training by putting the litter box beside the toilet seat. Make sure that your cat knows the location of the litter box. After that place any box of two to three inch height at the bas of the litter box to increase the elevation of your cat’s litter box. Initially your cat will start climbing to reach the litter box. Then regularly increase the elevation of the litter box till it reaches the height of the toilet seat. This will help the cat to reach that elevation and get used to of it. After that buy a frying pot and put some litter in it and then place that steel pot inside the seat of lavatory. Then remove the litter box from the bathroom and examine keenly. Your cat will move towards the toilet when she couldn’t be able to find the litter box. Placement of the frying pot is important because cats are afraid of water so the immediate exposure of the water inside the toilet seat can frighten the cat which can lead to an unsuccessful training. After few days dg a small hole in the pot and then increase the hole size as your pet gets used to of it then remove the pot and your cat is completely ready to use a toilet seat.

Always remember one thing that cats doesn’t change their behavior because of punishment. If you own a dog as pet then small punishments really work to change their behavior but for cats love and unconditional affection will work. So never try to train your cat with the help of punishments or strict behavior. Try to make your behavior completely opposite to what you normally do to dog pets. Your actions should be rewarding instead of grueling.

Another advice is that keep a number of toys for your pet because cats love to play and while playing their behaviour remains pleasant and happy. Usually cats show a negative behavior or a very less interest in learning or training because they are bored from a specific routine. In short cat training will improve a peaceful relationship between the owner and the pet.

Apr 13


Cats are small sized furry animals and mostly domesticated. There are mainly two categories of cats. The first category is domesticated cats and the other one is wild cats. There is no such difference in the anatomy, physiology or the origin of both kinds of cats. They belong to the same ancestors but only because of the changed environment there is slight difference in their characteristics.

According to the fossil data available today cats are believed to evolve around ten million years ago. The domesticated cats evolved 4000 years ago in the era of Egyptians and now they are the world’s most popular pets. After the Egyptians it is believed that other civilizations also started domesticating the cats and finally it reached Europe and then this trend spread all over the world.

There is another theory about the origin of cats which is based on the archeological researches performed in year 2004. According to their studies domesticated cats have evolved form Cyprus where they have found a cat buried with a human being. This is a more solid proof of human’s love for cats.

In the Egyptian era cats were also worshiped because they believe that cats are very intelligent and they were thought to be the “keepers of the underworld”. Cats are tremendously intelligent and independent animals. They are mostly domesticated as pets because they adapt to the environment very well and are very smart. They have the ability to live with humans and also play with them.


Recent researches have showed that cats possess a sharp mind and are a very powerful psychic because cats can understand the intentions of its surrounding animals and even humans and can respond to the situation accordingly. Cats possess some extremely unique capabilities for example if your cat needs your attention it may meow at you or may came near you or touch you. Some cats do enjoy music or watching the TV and it is very easy to know that whether you cat is relaxed or scared. If the cat is scared then it would be heavy or tight and on the other hand if she would be relaxed then the cat will be light and loose.

They possess various senses which are better than humans. Cats possess an outstanding night vision sense and they can see six times better at night then an ordinary human eye. Apart from this there is another sense of cats which helps them in their safety. That sense is the ability to detect even a very diminutive sound and they can also detect a wide range of sounds frequency.

Mostly the life span of cats varies from 12-13 years and there are only a few cats that can live up to 30 years. According to various researches female cats live more then male cats. Less life span of the cats is also because of various diseases caused to then for example fungal attacks, infectious diseases and some chronic diseases. It is recommended that various vaccinations are available in the market to save the cats from these chronic viral attacks.

The behavior of cats extremely varies from place to place or species to species or even among the same species. They also adapt to the specific environments in which they are living for example generally cats are more active at night but the domesticated cats show a completely opposite behavior and became more active during the day. Cats have a very sensitive retina and a nictating membrane. The retina of the cat’s eye shines at night and that is why there vision is much better than humans.

Their sense of smell is extremely specialized and sensitive. They can smell even from a long distance and even a very minute smell which is normally may not be detectable. If in any case the nasal cavity of the cat is blocked then it directly affects the appetite of the cat because its appetite is directly concerned with their sense of smell. Cats first smell their food and then eat it. So if the sense of smell diminishes their diet also diminishes.

Cats can even communicate with the help of different sounds including growling, purring, trilling and hissing. When the cats are brought to home as pets, these sounds really help to develop certain relationship with the owner. He starts understanding that what is pet wants to say and in the same way cats also judge their owners specific signs for specific activities. If they are trained well they can be man’s best friends.

The social behavior of cats also varies. Wild cats like to live in solitary and the domesticated cats love to communicate and to live with humans. This is a characteristic trait of cat that has evolved with time because of the changed environment or habitat. Another characteristic of cats which makes then adaptable to the familial environment is their cleanliness. They are known for their hygiene as they spent hours and hours licking their tongue on their firs to make it clean.

Cats are very famous among children because they also love to play. They can play with each other and even with humans and that is why they are children’s most favorite pets. But apart from all these qualities there are also some negative effects of cats on human health. For example the main health issue which is very common are the cat bites and among all the cases of animal bites, cat bites are the most common. Other health issues are allergies and sometimes cat bites may lead to rabies. So it is also important to take care of your self and try to protect yourself as much as possible. It is also recommended to inject the anti rabies vaccine into the cat which will diminish the risk of this disease in humans.

Cats as pets are a valuable addition man’s life. According to some latest researches cats help to get rid from loneliness and at the same they are a source for reduction in the depression levels of their owners.